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About Us

Lisa & Mike Husar have been capturing unique wildlife images on film since 1993, the year they founded Team Husar Wildlife Photography. Since then, the couple's award-winning photographs have been widely published in magazines, books, calendars, greeting cards, posters, and in the advertising industry. National and worldwide conservation organizations such as World Wildlife Fund, the National Wildlife Federation, the Sierra Club and Defenders of Wildlife regularly feature Team Husar's work in their publications. In addition, the Husar's photography has appeared in the prestigious Smithsonian Institution's Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. Lisa & Panda Cub at the Wolong Giant Panda Reserve Lisa & Panda Cub at the Wolong Giant Panda Reserve

Photographing wildlife isn't just a job for this husband and wife team - it's a passion. In addition, Lisa & Mike feel they have an obligation not only to obtain great natural history photos, but also to use those images to help educate people about the importance of human coexistence with the Earth's wild creatures. They are committed to wildlife preservation and actively participate in both local and national conservation organizations. The couple lives in West Bend, Wisconsin.


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